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I. Grammar Structure and Vocabulary

Section A ( 1.5 marks each)

Directions: There are 30 incomplete sentences in this section. For each sentence there are four choices marked A, B, C and D. Choose the ONE answer that best completes the sentence. Then blacken the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet with a pencil.

1. Seeing the black cloud ,he went back to his house to _ __ his umbrella.

A. carryB. fetchC.bringD. take

2. Tom is now working in London and is not ___________ to driving on the left.

A. served B. customed C. accustomed D. using

3. The story _________ mainly of four parts.

A. makes B. composes C. is consisted D. consists

4. It was nearly an hour before the sleeping pill took ___________ .

A. effect B. action C. force D. place

5. Will you _________ your shoes when you get in ?

A. put off B. remove C. escape D. shake

6. You can have some seasonal fruits in winter if you _______ them well.

A. preserve B. remain C. station D. protest

7. She wrote me a letter so ________ she is not angry with me.

A. seriously B. increasingly C. apparently D. diligently

8. The secretary told me that they had run ________ typing paper.

A. down of B. out of C. up into D. off from

9. You mustn’t let pleasure _________ with your work.

A. hurt B. prevent C. interrupt D. interfere

10. I want to buy some new clothes, but I don’t know how to _________ of the old ones.

A. arrange B. handle C. get rid D. do with

11. Plants ________ to die in hot weather if you don’t water them.

A. fit B. tend C. force D. stop

12. Further studies are needed before we can with this problem.

A. provide B. agree C. attach D. deal

13. Her strong sense of purpose is in her studies.

A. reflected B. carried out C. remained D. concentrated

14. Fast food us to have more time for rest.

A. demands B. enables C. makes D. affects

15. The rain was heavy the land was flooded.

A. particularly B. consequently C. frequently D. especially

16. In learning English we should place emphasis practices.

A. for B. to C. of D. on

17. John and I have never been to this town.

A. tiny B. short C. small D. slight

18. Being a fashion model frequently bargaining with the fashion-show organizers.

A. spends B. involves C. leaves D. includes

19. The grandmother was very about her granddaughter being out so late at night.

A. careful B. eager C. anxious D. keen

20. Tom dared not give any more explanations but waited until his girl friend’s anger .

A. died off B. died out C. died of D. died in

21. On Friday afternoon, we usually have a meeting.

A. popular B. routine C. responsible D. welcome

22. In China, most old people enjoy a life with their family.

A. silent B. quiet C. noiseless D. still

23. The little boy fell off the ladder but did not himself.

A. damage B. hurt C. destroy D. hit

24. The committee promised to put this matter into .

A. consideration B. judgment C. conclusion D. comparison

25. While all her classmates were reading, Mary slipped out of the classroom .

A. on her knee B. by heart C. by chance D. on tiptoe

26. Yesterday many policeman were at the exit of the railway station.

A. equipped B. protected C. reserved D. stationed

27. Among these new student, some like milk chocolate, prefer plain one.

A. others B. another C. the others D. the other

28. At the sports track meet, Tom the champion if he had reached the finish one second earlier.

A. would have been B. must be C. would be D. must have been

29. It was in that computer room they wrote the program and dreamed of wonders to come.

A. that B. which C. how D. where

30. Only after I left the place that how ugly and dishonest the people there had been.

A. I realized B. do I realize C. I did realize D. did I realize

31.All of us avoided over the rough road by the new way.

A. to drive taking B. driving takes C. driving being taken D. driving taking

32. The boy was picking up something in the street a car failed to make a turn and hit him.

A. that B. when C. who D. where

33. English words are not always spelt in the way .

A. they sound B. that sound C. it sounds D. how to sound

34. Look! The man who was here a moment ago got in a car accident.

A. injured B. to be injured C. injuring D. being injured

35. Bob to the airport to meet the newly married couple yesterday; nobody knows why he didn’t.

A. should go B. should have gone C. will go D. will have gone

36. Two months have passed by, and no sign of payment to anyone; some clerks begin to talk to the boss.

A. there still B. it is C. there is D. it has

37. that she had done her duty, Marilyn went home a little bit earlier than usual.

A. Satisfying B. To satisfy C, Satisfied D. Satisfy

38. Students’ performance in taking tests is influenced by factors age, sex, and ethnic background.

A. such that B. so that C. such as D. so as

39. The mid-term examination has finally been canceled, makes students sort of relaxed.

A. it B. which C. this D. what

40. from the top of the mountains, we find that our campus looks like a beautiful garden.

A. Seeing B. Seen C. To see D. See

41. Our American teacher speaks French he speaks English.

A. so fluently as B. as fluently as C. more fluent than D. as fluent as

42.Studies have shown _______ teenagers often suffer form depression.

A.that B.which C.in which D.in that

43.The party has failed to _______ the majority of voters that it is capable of governing the country.

A.trust B.credit C.convince D.believe

44._______ driving around all day looking for somewhere to park, why don't you take a bus to town?

A.In spite of B.Rather than

C.In palce of D.Other than

45.The kids are _______ be hungry when they get homethey always are.

A. obliged to B. bound to C. desired to D. motivated to

46.All the characteristics that distinguish birds _______ other animals can be traced to prehistoric times.

A.to B.between C.for D.from

47.When the city was _______, everyone knew that total defeat was certain.

A.cut off B.cut down C.cut across D.cut out

48.If we _______ everything ready by now, we should be having a terrible time tomorrow.

A.hadn't got B. didn't get

C.wouldn't have got D. wouldn’t get

49.In his composition there were no other errors _______ a few misspelled words.

A.beside B.except C.then D.than

50.In deciding _______ a course of action, the candidates tried to estimate its likely impact on the voters.

A.what to pursue B.which to pursue

C.whether to pursue D.if to pursue

51.Since we have a focused subject, we should not talk _______.

A.at once B.at hand C.at intervals D.at random

52 Jean talked _____ she had heard all about yesterday’s traffic accident.

A. as well B. as if C. as to D. as for

53 Look , that is the man ____ house has burned down in the big fire.

A. whose B. whom C. who D. who’s

54 By the time you return home, I _____ all the work .

A. would do B. will have done C. has done D. had done

55 I hope you will be _____ higher spirits when we meet next time .

A. to B. on C. of D. in

56 _____ my mother couldn’t come back on time, I had to turn to Mary for help.

A. until B. though C. as D. as soon as

57 Shortly after the accident, Terry Lapham was _____ from his post as project manager.

A. dismissed B. discussed C. disappeared D. discovered

58 the speaker lectured in _____ a way that some people found it hard to understand him.

A. so B. as C. such D. that

59 the book _____ five parts, each of which deals with one aspect of women’s rights.

A. consists in B. consists of C. consists for D. consists with

60 when I saw her smiling face, I knew she _____ from her son studying abroad.

A. hear B. has heard C. had heard D. was hearing

61. as we have been very busy recently, we go to the theatre only _____ .

A. absolutely B. frequently C. continually D. occasionally

62.Mary________be Canadian, for she's got a British passport.

A. can't     B. isn't able to  C. mustn't    D. needn't

63.As his parents died when he was young, he was________by his uncle.

A. brought up   B. grown up   C. brought out  D. taken out

64.What do you________to do about the problem now that this solution has failed?

A. incline     B. intend    C. pretend    D. think

65.I had never expected you to turn________at the meeting. I thought you were in Shanghai.

A. around     B. on      C. in      D. up

66.They have to stay with us________the time being because they have not found a place yet.

A. during     B. in      C. for      D. since

67.Sixty percent of television viewers chose him as their________host.

A. popular    B. preferred    C. favorite    D. favored

68.Don't call me at the office________it's absolutely necessary.

A. except     B. unless     C. since     D. if

69.Each one of us,________old or young, is a valuable member of society.

A. however    B. whenever    C. whoever   D. no matter

70.Diamonds are the hardest substance________in nature.

A. find      B. found     C. finding    D. to find

71.Tony likes walking in the country and________.

A. also does Mary          B. Mary does also

C. so Mary does           D. so does Mary

72. There are only four areas _____ very many diamonds have been found.

A. when B. where C. that D. which

73. She decided to do ____ a lot of other girls were doing those days.

A. how B. why C. which D. what

74. Money provides a unit of account that serves _____ a standard to measure value.

A. as B. for C. in D. with

75. One way to preserve species _____ threat of extinction is to remove them to zoos and parks and breed them there.

A. for B. with C. under D. beyond

76. Regardless _____ which methods we choose, the end result will be the same.

A. about B. in C. for D. of

77. The burning of rainforests is directly _____ to the so-called greenhouse effect.

A. contributing B. attributing C. constituting D. associating

78 Someone who stays with you and helps you in times of trouble, rather than turning his _____,is a true friend.

A. face B. head C. hand D. back

79. The expression "haste makes waste" does not _____ to reading.

A. affect B. apply C. adopt D. attend

80. Experiments have to be made under carefully _____ conditions.

A. treated B. supplied C. related D. controlled


1-5 BCDAB 6-10 AABDC 11-15 BDABB 16-20 DCBCB 21-25 BBBAD 26-30DCAAD 31-35DBAAB 36-40CCCCB 41-45AACBB 46-50DAADC

51-55DBABD 56-60CACBC 61- 65DAABD 66-70CCBAB 70-75DBDAC


Section B (1 mark each)

Directions: In this section of the test, there are 10 sentences with the underlined parts marked A, B, C and D. Choose the part of the sentence that is incorrect and then blacken the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet with a pencil.

81. It was said that John decided to go to the university rather than get a job.


82. The more he tried to help her fix the radio, the lesser she seemed to like it.


83. A great many educators firmly believe that English is one of the poorest taught


subjects In high schools today.


84. I, who is a doctor, work now in a factory, but not as a doctor but as a worker.


85. Hardly had he entered the office than he realized that he had forgotten his wallet.


86. We are to make such computers which are needed in different branches of science.


87. Jean is the only one of those girls who go to classes after work.


88. If the policeman would have arrived earlier, he would have seen the accident.


89. We advice him to give up smoking and do a lot of exercise.


90. Thunder is the sound produced by the rapid expanding of air heated by lighting.


Key :81-90 DCCAB BCAAD

II. Reading Comprehension (2 .5marks each, 40 minutes)

Directions: There are 3 reading passages in this part. Each passage is followed by some questions. For each question there are four suggested answers marked A, B, C and D. You should choose the ONE best answer and blacken the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet with a pencil.

Questions 91 ~ 95 are based on the following passage:

There are three common calendar systems in use by the United States higher education institution. Semester Systems are one of them.

The academic year is divided into two terms, each of which provides for about 15 weeks of instruction plus a week for final examinations. The fall semester, considered the first term of the academic year, usually begins in September or late August, and it is increasingly common for the term to start early enough to be completed before the two-week Christmas holiday. Colleges start later in September. The second or spring semester usually begins sometime in January and ends in late May or early June. Most schools schedule a one- or two-week vacation in March or April. A variation of the semester system being tried by some institutions is the 414 calendar, which has a four-month fall semester ending in December, a one-month short term in January for which students may enroll if they wish, and another four-month semester beginning early in February.

91. In the United States, the students will stay in school for about ____ a year.

A. 15 weeksB. 16 weeksC. 30 weeksD. 32 weeks

92. The academic year begins ____.

A. in late SeptemberB. in late AugustC. sometime in JanuaryD. in late May

93. The first term ends ____.

A. after Christmas holidayB. in May

C. before Christmas holidayD. in fall

94. The second term lasts about ____.

A. five months B. four monthsC. six monthsD. five or six months

95. In the 414 calendar system, the first term begins ___.

A. In DecemberB. In AugustC. In January D. In February

Questions 96~100 are based on the following passage:

In sport the sexes are separate. Women and men do not run or swim in the same faces. Women are less strong than men. That at least is what people say. Women are called the weaker sex, or, if men want to please them, the fair sex. But boys and girls are taught together at schools and universities. There are women who are famous Prime Ministers, scientists and writers. And women live longer than men. A European woman can expect to live until the age of 74, a man only until he is 68. Are women’s bodies really weaker?

The fastest men can run a mile in under 4 minutes. The best women need 4.5 minutes. Women’s times are always slower than men’s, but some facts are a surprise. Some of the fastest women swimmers today are teen-age girls. One of them swam 400 meters in 4 minutes 21.2 seconds when she was only 16. The first Tarzan(泰山) in films was an Olympic swimmer, Johnny Weiss Muller. His fastest 400 meters was 4 minutes 59.1 seconds, which is 37.9 seconds slower than a girl 50 years later! This does not mean that women are catching men up. Conditions are very different now, and sport is much more serious. It is so serious that some women athletes are given hormone injections. At the Olympics a doctor has to check whether the women athletes are really women or not. It seems sad that sport has such problems. Life can be very complicated when there are two separate sexes!

96. Women are called the weaker sex because ____.

A.women do as much work as men

B.people think women are weaker than men

C.sport is easier for men than for women

D.in sport the two sexes are always together

97. Which of the following is true?

A.Boys and girls study separately everywhere.

B.Women do not run or swim in races with men.

C.Famous Prime Ministers are women.

D.Men can expect to live longer than women in Europe.

98. That at least is what people say. Means people____.

A.say other things too

B.don’t say this much

C.say this but may not think so

D.only think this

99. What problems does sport have?

A.Some women athletes are actually men.

B.Some women athletes are given hormone injections.

C.Women and men do not run or swim in the same races.

D.It is difficult to check whether women athletes are really women.

100. In this passage the author implies that ____.

A.women are weaker than men, but faster

B.women are slower than men, but stronger

C.men are not always stronger and faster than women

D.men are faster and stronger than women

Questions 101~105 are base on the following passage:

The stamp collector can learn a great deal from the colorful pieces of paper he put in his album. In addition to learning some basic things about organization and systematic arrangement, the stamp collector can receive a good course in history and geography from stamps. As a collector progresses and becomes more specialized, stamps teach him some basic facts about engraving, paper, and printing.

Stamps are excellent sources of historical information. Almost every nation celebrates its military heroes and political leaders on its postage stamps. But scientists and artists, from Einstein to Beethoven, also grace the stamps of the world. Famous battles are frequently commemorated, as well as buildings and scenes which have historical significance. Several of the world’s stamps are beautiful, full-color reproductions of the artistic masterpieces of different historical periods.

Stamps also offer instruction in geography. It doesn’t take long before a beginning collector checks the locations of the countries from which his stamps come. Nations like Liechtenstein, San Marino, Andorra, Gabon, Ghana, and Afghanistan, while unknown to many, are usually quite familiar to stamp collectors. Moreover, each country tends to use stamps to advertise its natural won